As the warmer seasons rapidly approach, you might be thinking about the dreaded return of bugs like mosquitoes and ticks, but it never hurts to go ahead and prepare for it. One of the biggest things you should consider in the realm of ticks is how often your pets stay outside, and make sure they are getting checked for ticks when they come inside.

Ticks are extremely small little bugs, and nearly undetectable by the naked eye until you really begin looking close. There are different kinds of ticks, too, with some being smaller than others (like seed ticks). Sometimes, it takes a really close examination all over the body to find and remove ticks.

When it comes to checking your pets over for ticks, there are a few key areas you should keep in mind. When your pet has been outside for awhile, have it come in on a towel for a few minutes while you take some time to check it over.

You will want to thoroughly check in and behind your pet’s ears. The area inside and around the ears of dogs and cats can be a frequent hiding spot for ticks, and you might not ever notice it if you don’t look.

You will also want to pay special attention to the areas under your pet’s chin and on their neck. Ticks can also hide in these areas, especially if the animal has folds in their neck that the tick can hide in.

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Look under their tail and between their toes as well, as these areas can be tick hiding spots. When you know where you should be checking for potential ticks on your pet, you can drastically reduce the amount of potential ticks they bring inside or that could be causing them harm. If you do find a tick, you should get in touch with local mosquito control company in Baltimore professionals so you can get rid of the pests before they can cause another bite.