Do you want to save your teeth? A good place to start is by knowing what causes patients to need their teeth removed by dentists, which are outlined below.


Tooth decay is a widespread occurrence and is the reason many dental patients must get teeth extracted. Tooth decay progresses slowly in the early stages, but over time bacteria attacks the enamel and causes cavities that can worsen and reach the root of the tooth, causing an infection.

Gum Disease

Gum disease that is not treated by a dental professional will result in the need for tooth removal in New Braunfels. Gum disease in its advanced stages causes gum tissues to degenerate, leaving less tissue and bone to support teeth in your mouth. When this happens, your teeth will loosen and may fall out over time.


Tooth extractions may be suggested by your dentist if your teeth are overcrowded in the mouth. Overcrowding occurs when the jawline does not have enough space for teeth, which causes some teeth to shift or become tilted while others become squished against adjacent teeth. When teeth are pulled, you’ll have an easier time cleaning teeth and keeping them healthy.


Impacted teeth are not growing in as they should and may not fully erupt through the gum line. Impaction can be caused by teeth being overcrowded in the mouth as well as teeth being positioned improperly. Wisdom teeth are also a common reason impaction occurs, which will require extraction to correct the problem and make more room in the mouth.

tooth removal in New Braunfels

Dental problems are something that everyone must deal with at some point or another, so there’s no reason to fear getting an extraction done. Your dentist will make sure that the remaining teeth in your mouth are healthy, beautiful, and fully functional.